Improve productivity and profits

Silent Passenger® fleet management software can immediately enhance the productivity of your entire fleet. And that can be very good news for your profits. For example, using Silent Passenger’s intuitive interface you can optimize vehicle routes to save time and reduce the need for expensive overtime costs. Plus, manage drivers more effectively through real-time status updates of where they are, and whether or not they’re driving at acceptable speeds to maximize miles per gallon in every vehicle. What’s more, receive periodic maintenance alerts such as when oil changes are needed, helping to protect your investment in your vehicles.


Efficiency and accountability

With Silent Passenger® fleet management software, it’s easy to increase efficiency and assure accountability. Customized reports can be generated on demand or automatically emailed, enabling you to monitor vehicle usage and service hours. Having detailed information available to you via Silent Passenger can also help you estimate costs rapidly and more accurately. Other exceptional benefits include improved dispatching via route landmarks that guide the way, along with faster response times, and 24×7 vehicle surveillance. And, always know the exact times a driver or service technician arrives and departs a field location, making sure that billing clocks are started and stopped properly.


Better customer service and safety

Through the incredible power of Silent Passenger® fleet management software, you can significantly improve customer service by providing precise ETAs as well as confirm when an onsite visit has been completed. Furthermore, instantly send live updates to your drivers regarding route changes along with the latest traffic reports…helping to make certain drivers stay on schedule with deliveries, service calls and other fleet requirements. Also know right away if a vehicle is speeding or if drivers are exhibiting risky behaviors that can compromise their safety as well as the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.