GPS Fleet Tracking Acquired

What happens when your software provider is acquired?

As a long serving CFO, COO in the tech space, I’ve watched Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and industry consolidation with keen interest. Over the years there are some commonality trends that often repeat themselves. We have all heard about, read about or personally experienced what happens when a software product is acquired by another company. …

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10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Vehicle Tracking

10 Ways Your Business Can Profit from Vehicle Tracking

Real benefits users of Vehicle Tracking Solutions® are seeing right now Organizations that rely on the best use of their vehicles and mobile assets stand to gain quite a lot by employing Silent Passenger® powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Our powerful and easy to use vehicle tracking system will give users total command over their …

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Developer Provided versus Outsourced

Your Fleet’s GPS Software and Customer Experience! Outsourced or Developer Provided?

While I have spent considerable time in the Software as Service “SaaS” arena, I am new to the telematics and fleet management industry. I am just now beginning to understand some of the nuances regarding the overall customer experience. One of the enlightening insights that team members and prospects have shown me is the willingness …

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Is Bigger Really Better

Fleet Management Software As a Service Industry Insight – Is Bigger Really Better?

The Fleet Management Software as a Service “SaaS” space in the US has been growing at an astounding 13% annually since 2012. This large growth in the market provides opportunities for providers of all sizes to acquire market share. With approximately 18.5 million fleet vehicles in the US, and less than 8 million of them …

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