As margins narrow and competition grows, fleet managers today are increasingly challenged to deliver greater and more tangible results — not just boosting fleet efficiency and productivity, but also reducing operating costs. The challenges facing JW Tire were no different when we recently called upon them for a standard quarterly customer review. What began as a routine check-in, however, quickly developed into the implementation of a strategic software upgrade that would fundamentally impact their business — not only increasing the safety of their drivers, but also improving their bottom line.



Boosting Safety & Braking Runaway Costs

Founded in 1929, JW Tire, formally known as Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers, is a national tire retailer and distributor with 35 locations and 200 trucks. This fleet must dependably service retail and warehouse locations up and down central and northeast Pennsylvania. A valued customer of Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS) since 2007, JW Tire has been a satisfied, long-term user of our SILENT PASSENGER® Fleet Management Solution, which helps the company monitor the location, maintenance and schedules of its fleet. As it turned out at the time, JW Tire was experiencing an unacceptable uptick in driver accidents. The associated expenses for vehicle repair, lost time and insurance premiums were all escalating at alarming rates. “The safety aspect became so evident when the insurance company had a serious conversation with JWT about dropping us” says Alex Mark, Vice President of Operations for Jack Williams Tire. In addition, they noticed that, as fuel prices continued to drop, they weren’t seeing the full benefit of that savings. Drivers were still allowing their vehicles to idle in summer and winter.


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JW Tire’s fleet operation was looking for ways to leverage technology to help drivers reduce accidents and have runaway costs. When we took them a little deeper into our SP Safety solution, they realized they’d only been scratching the surface of the robust functionality and data analytics they could have been putting to good business use. By implementing the SILENT PASSENGER SP Safety and its customizable reporting capabilities, for example, JW Tire began analyzing key metrics and telematics that they could turn into actionable data — vital information they could use to score and coach drivers and improve their behavior on the road. Such critical analytics included: • Excessive speeding • Rapid acceleration • Hard braking • Extensive and frequent idling

“What we noted within the first 30 days,” recounts Alexander Mark “was not only a sharp reduction in accidents, but also that the nature of those accidents no longer involved speeding, and were occurring mostly in parking areas; damages were now minimal. Plus, the drivers were finding they needed to fill their tanks less frequently. Our most recent results came in the third quarter of this year; 60 days accident free! We couldn’t be more proud of our management team and drivers for improving our safety. In fact, we showed the program to our insurance company and they were so blown away by the safety measurements we have taken and results we have had that they have provided us with added incentives! We have had such fantastic results and such a huge savings that we wanted to give back to our staff. We designed an incentive program for the top 25 drivers of each quarter called Just Drive. We could not have done all this without the help of the VTS!”

Jack Williams Tire’s companywide incentive program is based on the SILENT PASSENGER SP Safety feature to encourage its stores and drivers to score higher on their safety profiles. The program was engineered by JWT and VTS to design, code, customize and launch, all to great success.



Better Drivers Mean Safer Drivers

Today, at JW Tire, the SP Safety feature of SILENT PASSENGER is harvesting and reporting on a vast array of fleet management data far beyond vehicle and maintenance tracking. These metrics are collected per driver, per day and per vehicle, all in real time. The Fleet Management department is now utilizing this data not only to retrain and improve driver behavior, but also to lower insurance premiums — by as much as 10%. The irrefutable empirical data now being collected by JW Tire quantifiably proves that its drivers are driving in safer, more prudent and more responsible ways. As a result, the company’s insurance provider is granting deeper discounts on premiums. Moreover, fewer accidents, reduced fuel consumption and less extensive vehicle repairs all make for a better bottom line.

“The hard dollar savings we’ve been able to accrue across a number of key fleet management areas have been
significant, thanks to VTS” adds Mark. “In fact, we’ve used the returns to finance expansion into another market
location, and we will soon be outfitting 40 additional vehicles with the SILENT PASSENGER SP Safety feature.”



Jack Williams Sr. founded Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service Centers in 1929 with just a $500 loan from his father. The original store contained just two gas islands, one service bay, and a retread shop. The goal of Jack Williams Tire has remained consistent; mounting new tires, and same-day tire recapping services which has given clients a level on convenience and satisfaction. Bill Williams, Jack Williams Sr.’s son, now owns and operates the company. Over the years he has continued JWT down the road to success and continued growth. Jack Williams has grown to meet and exceed customer’s needs. Their headquarters now resides in a 90,000 square-foot warehouse in Moosic, PA. and operate 35 retail locations throughout northeastern and central PA.