Smart businesses know that an opportunity not seized and capitalized on is an opportunity squandered. So when Paraco Gas saw a period of immense growth, doubling in size –  CEO Joe Armentano recognized it for what it was and took steps to make the most of it and build on Paraco Gas’ position as an industry leader and trusted provider.



Having Productivity and Efficiency Keep Pace With Tremendous Growth

Paraco knew that with each stage of their growth they would need to maximize their productivity and efficiency while minimizing the complexity of acquisitions. Paraco Gas searched for a fleet management solution to aid in the service and delivery side.



Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ Silent Passenger

There are many different vendors offering GPS solutions. Paraco Gas did an extensive search before choosing VTS, Silent Passenger.  Paraco wanted not just a vendor but a partner with similar core values that they have installed in their business and this is what they found in Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

The skilled VTS programming and development team listened to the needs and suggestions of Paraco gas and immediately got to work on a custom solution to fit their needs with the latest cutting edge technology. Silent Passenger’s SP-Speed and SP-Safety with an interface to their Garmin GPS devices provided the comprehensive monitoring, reporting and communication system that Paraco was looking for.

“Vehicle Tracking Solutions has become that Fleet Management Partner we were looking for. We still believe Silent Passenger is the best Fleet Management and GPS product and VTS are the best partners to work with” says John O’Shea Director of IT at Paraco.



Today, Paraco Gas is running at peak efficiency thanks to Silent Passenger. Truck idling, which prior to VTS was an accepted part of the drivers’ culture (to the point of leaving vehicles running in the winter to keep warm and in the summer to keep the A\C on to stay cool) has been drastically reduced. With the help of Silent Passenger, Paraco has been able to modify their drivers’ behavior to not waste fuel this way, saving countless gallons of fuels in their 225+ trucks.

Paraco Gas is also able to enforce their strict safety policies – needed when driving vehicles loaded with explosive Hazmat product of liquid propane.  Silent Passenger’s SP-Speed and SP-Safety features have become invaluable in supporting and improving on their culture of Safety and Security –  eliminating dangerous drivers from their workforce.

Reports of gas leaks are now able to be addressed by immediately identifying which employee is closest to the emergency and are able to be sent by the dispatch team for the quickest response possible. This newfound ability has helped Paraco become more cost efficient and provides yet another level of excellent service to their customers.

Paraco Gas and VTS are proud to have worked together for the over 10 years and counting.



Paraco Gas, a family-owned and operated business, was started by Pat Armentano in 1968. The company began as a welding and industrial gas supplier in the New York City area under the name Patsems Inc before its exponential growth into what would later become, Paraco Gas Corporation. The company expanded though acquisitions and internal growth to become one of the largest propane energy marketing companies in the United States. It took more than 40 years for Paraco Gas Corp to achieve $100 million in annual sales. But in the last five years, Rye Brook-based Paraco has doubled in size by following the vision of son and CEO Joe Armentano. This year Paraco will reach $200 million in sales, 120,000 customers, nearly 400 employees and 35 locations. Paraco has operated by the principles set forth by founder Pat Armentano. Those principles have remained the core values of Excellence, Dependability, Safety and Community to help guide their actions and maintain their position as an industry leader and trusted provider.