Founded in 1669, Woodbridge Township is the sixth largest municipality in New Jersey. The township is responsible for maintaining almost 250 miles of roadways while keeping down costs to the township’s residents.

The Challenge

Obtaining Peak Efficiency From Township Equipment and Personnel

Effectively managing the care and maintenance of 10 separate towns populated by nearly 100,000 residents while staying in budget was becoming an increasingly challenging task for the Township of Woodbridge. In addition to the day-to-day duties overseen by the Department of Public Works, there were also larger scale operations such as snow removal and disaster recovery that needed pinpoint organization and administration. Rotating and resting crews and administrative employees while maintaining longer shifts while meeting requirements of Maggie’s Law (legislation to combat drowsy driving) became increasingly demanding. Woodbridge sought out a powerful solution to better keep track of its equipment and personnel.

The Solution

Employing Silent Passenger from VTS to Reduce Expenses and Expand Efficiency of Workforce

In 2013, The Township of Woodbridge sought out a solution among many candidates, after comparing and researching the myriad of available choices – they selected Vehicle Tracking Solutions. VTS carefully examined the needs and goals of the township and worked with them to form an effective strategy. Woodbridge adopted a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system with the installation of 95 GPS units on selected vehicles in the DPW fleet. Additionally, a system of GEO fencing was put in place to alert the township of vehicle travel outside of approved areas. Monitoring added the ability to monitor unauthorized after-hours use with reporting via email or text message when a vehicle was moved during off hours.

The Results

A More Efficient, Economical, Better-Run Township

Today, the Township of Woodbridge enjoys unprecedented efficiency in their operations and has seen significant savings to the taxpayers. Wasteful practices that have always been seen as the cost of running a municipal operation are now drastically reduced or in many cases eliminated. Controlling practices such as excessive idling times, unauthorized vehicle use and unnecessary starts and stops have yielded a 20 percent fuel consumption reduction in vehicles equipped with the VTS units. The addition of the VTS solution has made a profound impact on every vehicle based service where the township has implemented it. Garbage collection has seen a remarkable improvement in savings and service in both the solid waste and recycling routes. Sanitation vehicles are no longer overlapping routes throughout the week, allowing the township to greatly reduce fuel consumption, man hours and noise pollution. The added manageability has allowed them to replace 26 outdated, rear-loaded trucks running four days a week with 14 vehicles accomplishing the same task in two days – saving the township over $4 million dollars per year. Vehicle Tracking Solutions has also been invaluable in the arena of snow removal for the town. Snow clearing and plow crews can now be easily managed in a more structured, effective manner. Gone are the days of losing precious time looking for equipment or redundant street clearing, VTS’ landmark and breadcrumb feature allows for easy location and monitoring of position and trail at a glance.  The added performance and productivity has also eliminated the need for contracting outside equipment and personnel, further increasing on the township’s savings.


“Both the vehicle routing and tracking programs are extremely valuable tools. The software has exceeded our expectations in the management of fleet operations. The township plans to expand the use of both programs to include additional vehicles and services in the future.”

Dennis Henry
Director of Public Works, Woodbridge Township


About Woodbridge Township

Founded in 1669, Woodbridge Township is the sixth largest municipality in New Jersey. A family-orientated community, Woodbridge Township has a reputation as a welcoming place to live or even just visit. With plenty of activities including historical sites, leafy parks, and multi-cultural neighborhoods, Woodbridge can be enjoyed by the whole family. Being in close proximity to the Jersey Shore and New York City – visitors can experience both small town and big city charms located only a 40-minute drive away from each other.