Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software. Helping you build higher profits.

Protecting the investment you’ve made in your fleet of vehicles is vital to your bottom line. In fact, if your construction company is like most, your vehicle fleet is the lifeblood of your business…hauling materials and people, day after day and year after year. State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can help keep your vehicles on the road for the long haul, enhancing profits now and well into the future.

Tracking Construction Vehicles
24/7 service

Peace of mind. At your fingertips.

SILENT PASSENGER® provides 24x7 surveillance. Vehicle theft can be prevented, and you’ll also receive automatic alerts – for example,
letting you know right away if construction equipment has been moved off a jobsite, or if a vehicle has been started during non-work hours.

On the jobsite,
around the clock

Through real time status updates, Silent Passenger® software delivers information-rich reporting. The premier Silent Passenger® fleet tracking solution enables you to monitor vehicles of all sizes and shapes, on a construction site, both day and night. You can also precisely monitor the service hours of heavy equipment. And, using fuel cards you can regulate fuel usage from jobsite to jobsite, assess mpg, and pinpoint excessive use of fuel.

Bringing greater efficiency to your business.

By providing precise and comprehensive data, Silent Passenger makes job costing, time estimating and billing more accurate. Customized reports can be generated on demand or automatically emailed. Plus, site supervisors can know in an instant exactly how long a piece of equipment has been running or has been at a specific jobsite.

A perfect fit.

Complementing its benefits for construction businesses, Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology is also ideal for tree, lawn and garden jobs. Benefits include: route landmarks that guide the way; confirmation of length of time spent at each location; verification that all stops were completed; accurate ETA reports to customers. In addition, Silent Passenger® is a perfect fit for winter jobs, keeping vehicles safe and assuring that all roads and parking lots are plowed.