Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software. Bringing cost savings to the delivery industry.

State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can dramatically increase the cost efficiencies of your deliveries. With our proprietary technology, featuring modules custom designed for your needs, you can optimize every vehicle and every mile on all your delivery routes…resulting in a stronger bottom line.

24/7 service

In the know, when your vehicles are on the go.

Through real-time status updates, Silent Passenger® software provides information-rich reporting that enables you to keep tabs on each vehicle in your fleet...24x7, wherever a vehicle is located. An intuitive, easy to use interface literally puts comprehensive data at your fingertips.

Fuel delivery.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions will tailor Silent Passenger® technology specifically to your fuel delivery requirements, as we have in creating a custom routing program for a leading gas delivery company. Our solution allows the company to add gallons allotted to each stop and as deliveries are made, gallons are deducted...enabling the company to know immediately which trucks have enough gas available for emergency deliveries and just as importantly which trucks are closest to the delivery location. Other vital features of our Silent Passenger® software include:

  • Quick-reference landmarks on large properties so drivers can rapidly locate fuel tanks
  • Emergency dispatch calls to the closest vehicle based on actual live location
  • Accurate ETAs and real-time traffic updates

Food and beverage delivery.

Silent Passenger’s Temperature solution assures maintenance of the cold chain, avoiding expensive spoilage and minimizing cross contamination. Combine our leading-edge temperature technology with other key benefits including route optimization, location tracking, continually updated maintenance reports, and automatic IFTA and Hut Reporting – and it’s easy to see why Silent Passenger® fleet management software is ideal for food and beverage deliveries.

Deliveries of products and goods.

Silent Passenger® technology is the world’s most advanced fleet management software, making it the perfect choice for delivering a wide array of products and goods. From consumer products to industrial products, hard goods to soft goods, Silent Passenger® can add efficiency, productivity and extensive cost savings to virtually every delivery your fleet makes.