Silent Passenger® fleet management software. Redefining state-of-the-art.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Silent Passenger software is the world’s most advanced fleet management technology. Yet, with all its leading-edge features, innovative Silent Passenger is intuitive and easy to use…literally putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real time to increase efficiencies fleetwide and enhance your bottom line.

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SP Google Maps

Utilizing the vast power and reach of Google Maps, Silent Passenger® makes it quick and easy to pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet, 24x7. Proprietary split-screen views enable real-time monitoring of numerous vehicles simultaneously, providing a broad range of reporting possibilities.

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SP Apple and Android Apps

Silent Passenger® mobile apps keep you completely in touch with your fleet no matter where you are. Via our free app, receive instant updates and view data about your fleet from the palm of your hand. Also have the versatility to view information about your entire fleet all at once or view information about individual vehicles.
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Timely maintenance of your fleet can pay huge dividends by avoiding costly vehicle breakdowns and repairs while also extending the life of vehicles for the long term. Silent Passenger’s Vehicle Maintenance module makes it easy to monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance. Automatic alerts are sent to you via email or text message, letting you know when a vehicle is due for maintenance. [Read More]

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SP Safety

SP Speed – SP Speed technology instantly alerts you when your vehicles exceed posted speed limits, creating significant savings on fuel costs. In addition to the monetary and safety benefits of reducing speeding, SP Speed takes speed reporting a step further by expanding the monitoring threshold to include not just highways but also residential areas.
SP Driver Behavior – Are your drivers accelerating too quickly, creating safety hazards and wasting money in excess fuel consumption? Are they braking too hard, creating opportunities for collisions from behind while also causing excess wear and tear on the vehicle? Are they going too fast, exceeding speed limits and jeopardizing the safety of themselves, other drivers and pedestrians? Get the answers to all these questions, in real time, via Silent Passenger’s driver behavior analysis module.
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SP Fuel Savings

Did you know that fuel consumption increases nearly 10% when your vehicles are traveling at just 5 mph over the speed limit? Silent Passenger® provides real-time reports for every vehicle in your fleet, giving you essential information about miles per gallon as well as overall fuel consumption. Also receive alerts about excessive fuel purchases and unauthorized use of fleet credit cards.

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SP Driver Identification

With Silent Passenger® technology and a key fob reader installed in each vehicle for drivers to use in clocking-in, you can instantly determine who is behind the wheel of your vehicle – eliminating unauthorized use of fleet vehicles.

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SP Routing

Silent Passenger’s Routing module can dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire fleet. View all open jobs on a map and build routes visually via the map, then optimize each route to shorten travel times and lower fuel consumption. Also partner the routing module with the Silent Passenger Garmin solution for automatic transmission of route information to the Garmin device in a vehicle – enabling wireless dispatching of real-time route status and feedback as well as providing an optional turn by turn direction module that can further increase driver productivity.

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SP Garmin 2-Way Messaging

Send messages to drivers and equipment operators, and receive replies. Adding to the benefits of 2-way communication via messaging, also dispatch addresses or information about stops directly to the Garmin device in the vehicle, providing the driver or operator with one-touch turn-by-turn directions to any location.

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SP Temperature Control

Highly sensitive temperature probes can be installed in your vehicles, integrating with Silent Passenger software to assure precise temperature control. Silent Passenger Temperature technology is particularly beneficial in deliveries of such goods as foods and beverages where the cold chain must be maintained – providing continual monitoring and control to avoid expensive spoilage while also minimizing cross contamination and maximizing the productivity of shipping logistics such as merge-in transit.

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SP Quick View®

Enhance your relationships with customers by providing them with the ability to temporarily access and share certain aspects of Silent Passenger. For example, enable customers to instantly view where your vehicle is in real time. Silent Passenger Quick ViewTM can be customized for each customer to grant or restrict access to such data as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information – keeping your customers continually informed.

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Get a 360-degree view of your operations in a single solution. Silent Passenger Connect is an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be added to third party software to update Silent Passenger® 24x7 in real time as well as update other systems with data from Silent Passenger®. Through its diverse integration capabilities Silent Passenger Connect simplifies many different fleet management functions, including: sending scheduled job information from an existing dispatch to Silent Passenger® and then to a navigation device in the vehicle; displaying the current status and location of a vehicle in your dispatch software; comparing GPS fleet tracking data to your drivers’ scheduled jobs; integrating mileage and hours of use data into vehicle maintenance software for a live feed of current data; and connecting Silent Passenger and your time-clock software to determine and compare punch-in time to vehicle departure time.

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SP Workforce Analysis

Silent Passenger’s multi-faceted app for workforce analysis delivers the versatility of a mobile time clock, a mobile employee accountability tool, and a mobile inspection terminal....all in one. Receive real-time reports showing exactly when a driver’s day starts and ends. Also determine driver productivity by knowing the location where each vehicle begins its day, how many hours it worked, how many hours it was in motion or idling, and the location it was parked at the end of the day. Further assess workforce efficiency and productivity by viewing all stops made by a vehicle as well as travel time between stops, length of stop and distance between stops.

SP Driver Score Card

The Driver Score Card in Silent Passenger takes driver scoring and fleet safety monitoring to the next level. As a Silent Passenger user, you can customize your driver scoring algorithm to meet your specific fleet safety goals and requirements. You can score your drivers based on the amount of engine idling, high limit speeding (over a set MPH threshold), or exceeding the posted speed limit speeding (using our SP Speed module), driver behavior monitoring (hard braking/rapid acceleration)
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SP Logbook

SP LOGBOOK® - ELD Compliance

Silent Passenger’s LogBook (ELD Compliance) allows you to meet the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Safety Administration and manages Hours of Service (HOS) for your fleet drivers by combining the status of the driver from the SP LogBook Android-based mobile application with the required vehicle data.

Drivers using the SP LogBook receive a simple Hours of Service (HOS) solution that will automatically record their hours on the app. The app will also communicate with the SilentPassenger® web application, providing alerts, reports, and logs to your dispatch and operations staff in the office.[Read More]

SP Multiview


Silent Passenger puts the power to configure how you view your fleet in your hands! Whether you’d like an overview of your entire on the road team, specifics on one particular driver, traffic conditions or location – it’s all yours on one convenient screen.
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R.O.I., Let Us Show You the Return on Investment

With its myriad of reporting capabilities and the many bottom line benefits Silent Passenger® fleet management software brings to your fleet, the software can pay for itself many times over. Specific examples of return on investment include: reductions in fuel consumption; safer driving; greater workforce productivity along with reductions in overtime pay to drivers; more efficient dispatching; enhanced customer service; and elimination of unauthorized use of vehicles as well as unauthorized stops and side jobs.