Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software.

Increase your profit potential, with every move you make. When customers are satisfied, word of mouth spreads...and that can translate to big opportunities to grow your sales and profits. By delivering information-rich reports to your fingertips in real-time, Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can help enhance the customer experience. And that’s not all. From the moment you begin using Silent Passenger software®, you’ll also boost the efficiency of your entire fleet of vehicles as well as the productivity of your employees, reducing costs and strengthening your bottom line.


Manage your fleet and your people, faster and better.

Silent Passenger® software provides information instantly about where your vehicles are and where they’ve been, enabling you to maintain complete control over routing, scheduling and other essential fleet management tasks. What’s more, you’ll immediately know the exact times when your drivers start and stop – and whether or not they deviate from the most direct route to a location – making it simple to compile accurate timekeeping records for employee payroll.

  • Timekeeping for better payroll accuracy
  • Ifta and hut reporting (International Fuel Tax Agreement and Highway Use Tax). Mileage broken down by state for more accurate reporting and easier data collection. Less office work.
  • Driver safety. Eliminate or minimize risk by having insight on which drivers need to be coached on safe driving habits. Rapid acceleration, hard braking, speeding events
  • Vehicle maintenance. Extend the life of your assets with better maintenance record keeping VTS is proud to introduce SP Quick View. Now you can give customers and other people outside your company temporary access to data about your vehicles through Silent Passenger®. SP Quick View can be customized each time you share data – giving you complete control to grant or restrict access to such data as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information. Quick View™ can be used with any smart phone.


Make sure customers are well informed.

Through its easy-to-use interface, Silent Passenger® gives you the power to stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs and demands. For instance, you’ll be able to provide each customer with an accurate ETA, letting them know when your moving vehicle will arrive at the customer’s address. In addition, Silent Passenger® will provide you with proof of service, which can be very important if a customer decides to dispute an invoice or asks for a discount claiming that your employees arrived late for a moving job.


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