Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software.

Greater efficiency, increased productivity...fleetwide. State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions makes it easy to optimize your fleet, saving time and money. With its intuitive interface and information-rich reports that let you know virtually everything you need to know about your vehicles, Silent Passenger® can streamline efficiencies and make your entire operation run smoother and more productively.


Total monitoring. Vital data. In real-time.

Silent Passenger® is a total fleet management solution, instantly bringing essential data and diverse reporting capabilities to your fingertips, 24x7. For example, using the routing module you can view all open jobs on a map and create routes visually via the map – then maximize each route to shorten travel times. Also send and receive messages between dispatchers and drivers, avoiding such schedule-compromising situations as road closings, accidents, or traffic jams. In addition, you can precisely monitor when you are pumping/dispensing oil. In addition, generate reports showing vehicle idle times and miles traveled. Create reports that enable more accurate payroll by listing the exact time employees begin and end their day. Increase safety while also reducing fuel costs utilizing Silent Passenger’s SP Safety feature to compare actual speed to posted speed limits. And broaden your fleet operation’s versatility with SP Connect...
integrating the dispatch software and sharing important information directly with a navigation device. Lastly, get accurate reporting for IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) & HUT (Highway Usage Tax) reporting, ETA‘s on emergency service calls and Proof of Service to resolve customer disputes. Vehicle Tracking Solutions also has Emergency Safety Notifications. A “panic button” is installed by Vehicle Tracking Solutions in a vehicle hidden below the dash. If a driver is in distress, they press the button to have alert notifications sent to the office.


An absolute must for oil fleets of all sizes.

Whether your fleet is large or small, it can benefit right away from powerful yet easy-to-use Silent Passenger® technology. In fact, once you begin using the software and see how it delivers more profitability to your business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t put Silent Passenger® to work for your Oil Fleet long ago.


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