Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software. More power to you.

State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can
bring powerful benefits to your electric business. Through real-time updates and an intuitive interface, Silent Passenger® provides information-rich reporting that puts essential data at your fingertips.

The bottom line? You can gain greater operational efficiency in managing your fleet day after day and month after month, as well as increase the productivity of your drivers and other personnel across your enterprise. It all adds up to more profitability.

Reduce vehicle repair and fuel expenses, enhance safety.

Silent Passenger® technology can substantially lower the costs of keeping your fleet of vehicles road-ready. Utilizing Silent Passenger’s vehicle maintenance module, you’ll receive timely updates about when key preventative maintenance procedures are due, such as oil changes – lowering repair/replacement costs and reducing the opportunities for expensive vehicle breakdowns.

In addition, you can save money on fuel via a comprehensive fuel card feature that details miles per gallon along with overall fuel consumption. And just as important, enhance safety with Silent Passenger’s safety reporting module that provides driver score cards notifying you about such activities as rapid acceleration, hard braking and excessive speed.

  • Have peace of mind that side-work is not being performed on company time and with company equipment
  • More efficient dispatching during emergency situations by knowing where all employees‘ current location is and ETAs on how long it will take each technician to get to emergency call


Keep continually up-to-date via detailed reports.

Silent Passenger® delivers up-to-the-minute reports showing when your staff is present at a jobsite...increasing employee accountability and also providing proof of service. What’s more, through the driver identification module utilizing key fobs, you’ll know who is driving your vehicles at all times. Plus, you can receive reports about vehicle idle time and miles traveled, along with end-of-day information to assure payroll accuracy.


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