Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software. In the field, on the money.

When your fleet and your people are on the road, time is literally money. The more efficient and productive each stop can be, the better your bottom line. State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can optimize every service call by providing a wealth of valuable data about your vehicles and your drivers – bringing that information instantly to your fingertips.

24/7 service

Peace of mind. At your fingertips.

Silent Passenger® provides 24x7 surveillance. Vehicle theft can be prevented, and you’ll also receive automatic alerts – for example, letting you know right away if construction equipment has been moved off a jobsite, or if a vehicle has been started during non-work hours.

Intuitive technology, serious benefits.

Silent Passenger® software is easy to use, yet incredibly powerful. The intuitive interface puts precise and comprehensive data right before your eyes, 24x7...wherever a vehicle is going or currently located. Just think of the opportunities to lower costs and enhance your business:

  • Dispatching is improved
  • The most direct routes are created, saving fuel costs and lowering other fleet operational expenses such as wear, tear and maintenance
  • Response times are quicker

Increase safety while also driving higher profits.

By receiving real-time updates via Silent Passenger®, you can more effectively manage your staff of field service people. For instance, Silent Passenger® lets you know immediately if a vehicle is speeding or if there are other risky driving behaviors that can compromise safety. What’s more, you’ll know the precise times when a service technician arrives and departs at a field location so you can determine exactly when the billing clock should start and stop ticking. You’ll be able to limit excess overtime because you’ll know if your vehicle is still at a work site and on a service call or not. And you’ll also know how many times a service location is visited by using Silent Passenger’s Landmark Category reporting module to report on specific locations.