Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software.The right solution, right now.

State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking technology from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can save substantial money for governments large and small by enhancing the way municipal and emergency vehicle fleets are managed.

Government Vehicle Tracking

Municipal fleets.

From street cleaning and road repair vehicles to sanitation trucks and many other vehicles, Silent Passenger technology can increase the productivity and efficiency of managing a municipal fleet:

  • Historical Records module enables fleet managers to optimize service routes, monitor vehicle speed, and implement geo-fences and landmarks
  • Provides instantly accessible records of routes...for example if a homeowner claims their garbage was not picked up, you can rapidly determine the driver’s location and provide accurate ETA to homeowner

Emergency vehicles.

Every second counts in an emergency and it’s imperative to organize, deploy and route crews and equipment quickly and accurately. Silent Passenger® utilizes cell towers and satellites as well as the Garmin GPS network, allowing data to be instantly sent and transmitted back and forth between a command center and hardwired equipment. Benefits include:

  • Detailed turn-by-turn navigation and live traffic updates
  • Dispatchers can easily see what units are available, what their capabilities are, and how close they are to the emergency location...filtering the entire fleet to locate and dispatch crews with the skills required for a particular emergency

Hospitals and ambulances.

Silent Passenger® provides up to the minute tracking of ambulance fleets, utilizing the software’s Rapid Update mode to view vehicle location in real time. Other key advantages include:

  • Address search feature, enabling dispatchers to identify the closest ambulance to an emergency situation and deploy the vehicle rapidly using traffic updates and live ETAs
  • Continual updating of hospitals regarding inbound patients; also enables dispatchers to handle emergency calls with the most accurate ETA possible

Snow removal fleets.

Silent Passenger® helps assure that snow removal and sanding equipment is utilized to its fullest advantages:

  • Quickly direct plows and street sanders where they’re needed most, and update routes, via in-vehicle Garmin GPS
  • Maximize driver time
  • Conserve fuel
  • Assess which roads have been plowed, and if roads need to be cleared again
  • Re-deploy vehicles in emergency situations using live monitoring
  • Establish geo-fences and landmarks for drivers prior to vehicle deployment, creating barriers for drivers who might be in unfamiliar important feature for plow drivers when falling snow and driving winds cause poor visibility
  • Keep track of where drivers are at all times

Public safety and security.

Silent Passenger’s public safety GPS tracking solution utilizes the Garmin GPS system. Key advantages include:

  • Silent Passenger Connect®, our custom built API, integrates seamlessly into dispatch software, enabling operators to quickly see which emergency vehicle is closest to an emergency and then dispatch accordingly as well as provide turn-by-turn directions
  • In-cab push buttons installed in ambulettes track patient pickups and drop-offs