Silent Passenger® Fleet Management Software.

Delivering safety and efficiency while being cost effective. Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers bus companies the opportunity to “Go Green.” By implementing Silent Passenger®, bus companies can reduce engine idling, fuel usage, and increase child safety measures without a capital expenditure. Certainly it‘s important to know where a bus is and if its stop signs and lights are engaged, but imagine being able to provide clients with detailed information about the driver and their safety rating from SP-Safety. Due to the cost savings associated with the implementation, VTS will not only pay for itself, but free up funds that can be spent on additional fleet sustainability initiatives.


Passenger Transportation

It takes precise coordination, and the right technology, to manage a transportation operation efficiently and cost effectively…making certain that students arrive at their destination on-time while keeping expenses in check. State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® fleet tracking software from Vehicle Tracking Solutions can enhance your transportation business, putting crucial data about your fleet and your drivers at your fingertips.


Delivering Students Safely and On-Time with Silent Passenger®

Silent Passenger provides the essential tools to maximize your fleet productivity and improve customer service when managing educational fleets. 

  • Detect and correct poor driving habits – Review a safety score for each driver based on hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and idling with SP-Safety.
  • Know at all times who is driving your buses with SP-Driver Identification.
  • Enhance your customer experience – Silent Passenger’s SP-Quick View is used by parents to gain temporary access to their child’s bus route showing the name and photo identification of the driver and live estimate time-of-arrival updates.
  • Know when the stop signs, lights and/or door is engaged by the drivers.


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Vehicle Tracking Solutions designs, develops, sells and services all our own software – bringing the highest levels of expertise and customized solutions to your business. 

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