SP - Hours of Service

Silent Passengerâ„¢ Can Help You Track Your Drivers' Work Hours

It can also help you stay in compliance with DOT Regulations

The Hours of Service Android™ Application tracks and displays your drivers' current status, active 14 hour "driving window" and 60/70 hour on-duty limit.

SP Hours of Service Dashboard

Track Driving Hours

The 14 hour driving window gauge displays the total time elapsed since the start of the 14 hour window, as well as the total drive time.

The 60/70 hour on-duty limit gauge shows total time elapsed since the last restart, and hours driven during this time. Both gauges feature an alert for violations on exceeded driving limits.

SP Hours of Service Report


The Hours of Service application also features a reporting screen that allows the driver to present any historical or current log entries to a law enforcement officer.

These reports will also be available in Silent Passenger. They can be viewed and downloaded on-demand, and scheduled for automatic email delivery.

SP Hours of Service Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report

To fully comply with DOT regulations, the Hours of Service application allows drivers to file a Vehicle Inspection Report at the end of a shift. The driver completes a checklist and submits the report by providing his/her signature.

The report will remain on file in Silent Passenger.