SP Asset Tracking

SP Asset Tracking

Silent Passenger® is a total asset management solution designed to enable you to make the most of your assets by giving you complete visibility, control, and protection over them.

Vehicles are not the only assets that your company should track. Other equipment such as trailers, freight, heavy equipment, shipping containers, etc. can hold just as much value and should be secured.


Here is how SP Asset Tracking can help you:


Reduce Theft


  1. Improve the security and inventory of your assets locally or nationwide
  2. Know exact location of your assets 24/7
  3. Receive instant alerts if you assets have left geofenced area
  4. Quickly recover stolen assets
  5. Prevent unauthorized usage
  6. Access historical reports on key activity

Track Powered and Non-Powered Assets


  1. Two asset trackers to track powered assets or non-powered assets
  2. Powered Assets: generators, yellow iron equipment, bobcats, backhoes, cranes, and more.
  3. Non-Powered Assets: trailers, mobile traffic signs, pods, horse trailers, shipping containers, and more.
  4. Independently powered battery solution
    • Powered tracker battery life is 5-6 months (charges anytime it is connected to power)
    • Non-Powered tracker battery life is 5-7 years

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting


  1. Monitor and track assets 24/7
  2. Easily identify underutilized assets
  3. Set geofences for asset locations
  4. Real-time alerts on location and movement of assets
  5. Alerts on deviations from standard procedures and locations
  6. SP Connect API tool allows for integration with back office systems


 It pays to track your assets and heavy equipment. Download our FREE guide today!



Asset Tracking

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