Instant Monitoring Of Your Non-Powered Assets
With Our Extended Life & Rechargeable VTS Units!

If you’ve always considered GPS Fleet Management as simply “vehicle tracking”, then you haven’t seen VTS! Vehicle Tracking Solutions is a total asset management solution designed to enable you to make the most of your assets by giving you complete visibility, control and protection over them. Trailers, freight, heavy equipment, shipping containers and other assets are just as susceptible to theft or misuse – and just because an object may not be classified as a “vehicle”, it doesn’t reduce its value or limit its need for oversight!

For Non-Powered Assets – Our Independently Powered Solution

The perfect solution for stand alone, non-powered assets such as containers, trailers and other
equipment assets that do not have their own power source and never connect to an external power source. This Lithium-Ion powered asset device will deliver a standard update rate of one update per day and will last for up to 7 years!
• Receive updates on motion and up-to-the minute movement alerts sent from Silent Passenger® in real-time.
• Real-time battery level monitoring available in Silent Passenger.
• Replacement Lithium-Ion Non-Rechargeable batteries are available.

For Occasionally Powered Assets – Our Rechargeable Solution

Ideal for assets such as trailers and heavy equipment that may have an occasional power source such as a tractor which supplies power part-time to the equipment. What’s more, this device can alternate between two reporting modes; one update rate when it is connected to power, another for when it is not – preserving battery life. For example, if it is installed on a trailer that gets attached to a tractor at times, it can update every minute when connected to power from the tractor. Once disconnected, it can update once per day to preserve battery life. The battery is rechargeable and will be charged when connected to power.
• The device can also update on motion, and movement alerts can be sent from Silent Passenger in real-time.
• Available with Locate Now feature. (unit must be powered at the time of the Locate Now request.)
• Real-time battery level monitoring available in Silent Passenger.

Return on Investment icon

R.O.I., Let Us Show You the Return on Investment

With its myriad of reporting capabilities and the many bottom line benefits Silent Passenger® fleet management software brings to your fleet, the software can pay for itself many times over. Specific examples of return on investment include: reductions in fuel consumption; safer driving; greater workforce productivity along with reductions in overtime pay to drivers; more efficient dispatching; enhanced customer service; and elimination of unauthorized use of vehicles as well as unauthorized stops and side jobs.