As of December 2017, the FMCSA is requiring all fleets to implement an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) for capturing and reporting HOS (Hours of Service).

The new mandate will affect drivers and fleet operators across the United States. Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS) can help you understand the regulations and put the necessary solutions in place to stay compliant, as well as receive other benefits.

Electronic Logging Device FMCSA Approved ELD

If you currently track Hours of Service (HOS) on paper logs, this will affect you. VTS can assist you in adopting this new technology in your operation, seamlessly and efficiently.

Silent Passenger’s SP LogBook® manages Hours of Service (HOS) for your fleet drivers by combining the status of the driver from the SP LogBook Android and iOS mobile application with the required vehicle data.

Drivers using the SP LogBook receive a simple Hours of Service (HOS) solution that will automatically record their hours on the app. The app will also communicate with the Silent Passenger web application, providing alerts, reports, and logs to your dispatch and office.