Silent Passenger:
The power to manage your fleet - your way

If your company relies on a remote fleet of drivers and vehicles, it is crucial to instantly have the most detailed reporting available to keep your organization operating at peak efficiency, maximizing your competitive edge.

Silent Passenger puts the power to customize how you view your fleet in your hands! Whether you’d like an overview of your entire on the road team, specifics on one particular driver, traffic conditions or location - it’s all yours on one convenient screen.


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Real-Time, Simultaneous Monitoring

It's all here: the power to view up to six different views of your fleet, simultaneously on the same screen. VTS gives you the power of a more comprehensive monitoring experience!

Configure your screens - your way

Silent Passenger's SP-Multiview is more than just a split-screen - it's a completely unique way to make the absolute most of our cutting-edge mapping capabilities. Each screen provides the option to monitor in satellite view, street view, road map or hybrid... while also delivering the ability to monitor geofence parameters that you've set and current traffic conditions.

Exclusively with VTS' Silent Passenger

SP-Multiview is a feature you won't find anywhere else! To get a more in-depth view of this exclusive vehicle monitoring technology, sign up for a free demonstration!