SP Safety is Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ powerful suite of features that combine multiple key data points to deliver the most comprehensive, up to the minute safety reporting available.

Take control of your fleet’s safety performance, reducing risk while enhancing your overall efficiency. In addition to minimizing accidents and fines, you may enjoy substantial insurance incentives as well!


SP Speed technology instantly alerts you when your vehicles exceed posted speed limits, creating significant savings on fuel costs. In addition to the monetary and safety benefits of reducing speeding, SP Speed takes speed reporting a step further by expanding the monitoring threshold to include not just highways but also residential areas.


Are your drivers accelerating too quickly, creating safety hazards and wasting money in excess fuel consumption? Are they braking too hard, creating opportunities for collisions from behind while also causing excess wear and tear on the vehicle? Are they going too fast, exceeding speed limits and jeopardizing the safety of themselves, other drivers and pedestrians? Get the answers to all these questions, in real time, via Silent Passenger’s driver behavior analysis module.


SP Alerts always keep you in the loop with over 30 different notifications of key events and activities of your fleet. Real-time alerts let you know precisely how your fleet is performing and whether they are sufficiently adhering to the safety standards set by your company.


The Driver Scorecard in Silent Passenger takes driver scoring and fleet safety monitoring to the next level. As a Silent Passenger user, you can customize your driver scoring algorithm to meet your specific fleet safety goals and requirements. You can score your drivers based on the amount of engine idling, high limit speeding (over a set MPH threshold), or exceeding the posted speed limit speeding (using our SP Speed module), driver behavior monitoring (hard braking/rapid acceleration)