The Telematic Benefits Of Advanced Operation Management

Like many businesses that depend on a large fleet to deliver on their business’ promises, the fleet can be composed of several different types of vehicles, all traveling in different directions. With a fleet that is both diverse and covers a lot of area, how can you better manage your fleet? A telematics solution might be something that your business should seriously consider:

The Benefits of Telematics and Fleet Optimization Software

  • Encourages your drivers to drive more cautiously.
  • Fleet management solutions can track and monitor all of your vehicles at once. Our Silent Passenger® software can map out all of your vehicles on an easy to navigate Google map.
  • With messaging features, you can have contact with all of your drivers, no matter where they are.
  • The weather in one state might be different in another. You assume that your drivers will be more cautious when the weather turns for the worse, but sometimes, tough deadlines lead to reckless driving. You’ll have access to their speed and if they accelerate, brake too quickly, or idle.
  • Managing so many vehicles makes it even easier to lose track of scheduled maintenance, costing your business more money. Many telematic solutions have created software that acts as an organizational tool for all of your vehicles’ routine maintenance work.

No matter where they are, your fleet is the heart of your business. Whether it is a car, van, or large truck, every vehicle represents your business, and it’s important that there’s always an eye on your vehicles. Silent Passenger can deliver the operation management that your business not only needs, but deserves.



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