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Silent Passenger® is powerful, yet easy-to-use, leveraging the most innovative features essential to driving fleet safety, productivity, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Award-Winning Client Support

Dedicated onboarding, installation, and support teams stand by our customers to truly understand fleet goals and challenges to guide them every step of the way.

Data-Driven Fleet Intelligence

Transform fleet data from hindsight into actionable insight across your business operations with advanced reporting dashboards and flexible API integrations.

The Power of Fleet Intelligence that Drives Results

Vehicle Tracking Solutions® is a leading fleet software solutions provider for public and commercial fleets across the nation. We pride ourselves on our award-winning dedicated support, highly-experienced installation technicians, and advanced telematics capabilities — all at the core of our unrivaled fleet management and telematics technology, Silent Passenger®.

Award-Winning Client Support

Dedicated account management teams, based in the U.S.A, understand your business needs and guide you every step of the way.

Innovative Fleet Technology

Our Silent Passenger fleet management software leverages the latest fleet and telematics technology, mobile apps, and seamless integrations.

Professional Installation Services

Get reliable on-site automotive and mobile electronics installation services from our highly-experienced installation division, USA12Volt.

Silent Passenger® – Leading Fleet Management Technology Features

Whether your business objectives are to run a more efficient fleet, improve safety and compliance, or to maximize profitability, Silent Passenger offers a full stack of features with a robust telematics and analytics engine at its core to provide key insights every step of the way. Each fleet management feature is powerful as a standalone solution, or these features can be combined to configure the best solution for your business needs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Timely maintenance of your fleet helps you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

Fuel Management Savings

Fuel purchase alerts and historical consumption data across your fleet.

Driver Safety Management

Real-time behavior monitoring and reporting maximizes safety and driving training.

SP Quick View

Enable customers to instantly view your vehicle’s location in real-time.

SP Logbook (HOS)

Approved FMCSA ELD solution to keep your drivers compliant and on the road.

Fleet Routing

Dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire fleet.

Driver ID

Instantly determine who is behind the wheel of any of your vehicles.

Asset Tracking

Complete visibility, control, and protection over trailers, freight, and more.

Fleet IQ

A fully customizable dashboard that provides actionable business intelligence.

Mobile Application

Stay completely in touch with your fleet no matter where you are.

SP Connect

API directly to connect Silent Passenger® to work with your other business systems.

2-Way Messaging

Send and receive in-cab messages to drivers and equipment operators.

Manage a More Efficient, Productive, and Profitable Fleet Today!

In addition to all of its innovative telematics  insights and fleet management features, Silent Passenger is intuitive and easy-to-use… putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real-time to increase your fleet’s efficiency and maximize profits.

Jack Williams Tire

Driver Safety Program

“Silent Passenger configured the best fleet management software and advanced reporting needed for us to improve driver safety, reduce accidents, and save our insurance premiums. Their support team is very reliable.”


The New York Times

Total Fleet Efficiency

“With Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ knowledge of fleet technology, professional services, and advice on using telematics data for cost efficiency, they have been a real partner in our fleet operations.”


AHRC Nassau

Transportation Reliability

“We can now better coordinate routes to improve passenger pick-up and drop-off performance. In addition to more precise ETAs of passengers, caregivers could now receive up-to-the minute location.”


Woodbridge Township

Fuel Management Savings

“Vehicle Tracking Solutions has delivered the highest levels of customer support, safety, and budget efficiencies across our fleet operations. Fuel consumption dropped by 20%, resulting in over $4 million in savings.”


Highly recommended for great service and leading fleet management solutions.

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