Intuitive Interface

Our products are designed so they interact with our customers and their Silent Passenger™ users in the most optimal way possible. Silent Passenger is intuitive and never requires more than a few clicks of the mouse to instantly understand the status of your fleet; positioning the users to take action fast.

Responsive Navigation

Silent Passenger is a high performance system which displays vehicle locations and related information such as speed - fast. When combined with the world class network of Verizon, our response times are not only fast but accurate and highly reliable too.

Professional Service

While the capabilities of Silent Passenger are world class, so is the customer support that backs it. Vehicle Tracking Solution prides itself on having the best customer support available. This means we come to you to install our GPS tracking devices based upon your convenience and we use our own certified technicians, not third parties. All service calls are included in our Silent Passenger Subscription Service™ so all service calls; including hardware upgrades are predictable and done at no charge.