When you pride yourself in delivering concierge service in a timely manner as the premier pool service company in the area, you are always striving to improve on perfection. Dispatching incoming customer calls and requests quickly and accurately are crucial to maintaining this high level of client care. With a service fleet of approximately 50 vehicles to serve a workload of many as 2500 work orders per week, J. Tortorella Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance, Inc. reached out to Vehicle Tracking Solutions to assist in crafting a solution to manage their fleet.


The Challenge

Maximizing Efficiency, Response Times, and Customer Care

Founded by award winning pool builder and spa designer John Tortorella, J. Tortorella Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance, Inc. has experienced substantial growth, and was exploring ways that they could not only maintain, but improve on their already stellar customer care. Tortorella saw the reliance of telephone calls to properly communicate with his team of service technicians as an inefficient impediment to their work day. The technicians’ need to stop their work in order to answer a phone call took valuable time away from their tight schedule and often resulted in a queue of service calls accumulating in the meantime.


The Solution

Enhancing performance by combining technology

J. Tortorella Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance, Inc. was seeking the best way to enhance the speed and productivity of its team and reached out to Vehicle Tracking Solutions for help. By combining Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ SILENT PASSENGER® location and reporting capabilities with the robust communication functionality of devices by Garmin, VTS was able to provide a comprehensive solution that greatly increased the effectiveness of the team and delivered significant Return-On-Investment.


The Results

A faster, sleeker, more effective service team

Currently, J. Tortorella enjoys clear communications between our field service technicians and dispatcher thanks to Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ SILENT PASSENGER. Details such as where their service calls are located and additional information that may be required for the specific repair are easier to relay. From Silent Passenger, the user can dispatch a job directly to the Garmin in a vehicle, giving the driver turn by turn directions with the fastest route available. They can also send messages to and from the vehicle via the Garmin. It is no longer necessary to transcribe information over the phone, and this has helped eliminate the potential for inaccuracy or missing information that can be lost in translation during a busy day.

“The routing feature has helped us give our clients realistic arrival times for repairs. We can see who is in their area, and how soon they can be expected. Additionally, Geo-locations of our service accounts and route management has allowed us to monitor in real time how the routes are progressing, and quickly decide which technician needs help with their work or can help with the work of others.”

Erik Yanez – Manager of Internal Operations and Client Service

About J. Tortorella Custom Gunite Pools

Nationally acclaimed and awarded for their expertise, J. Tortorella Custom Gunite Pools is continually recognized as the leading designer and builder of high-end custom gunite pools in New York and ranks among the top 50 nationwide. The reason is simple: Their people are among the very best. Led by John Tortorella himself, their Hamptons-based Long Island company features an in-house staff of the finest professionals and craftsmen in the world who will create a pool environment that meets your specific needs – with a commitment to service that will exceed your expectations.