[CONSTRUCTION] 6 Ways Adopting A Fleet Management Software Can Improve Profitability

Construction fleets can benefit from fleet management solutions in a number of ways, but the most important is that it can save money and increase profitability. In the construction industry, it is crucial to protect vehicles and assets. Fleet management software can monitor driver behavior, send reminders for scheduled maintenance, keep track of asset locations, and more. By protecting your assets, drivers, and vehicles your construction fleet can improve its efficiency and productivity.

Most importantly, fleet management solutions can benefit your bottom line.

6 Essential Construction Fleet Management Features:


1. Routine Maintenance 


Receive alerts for routine maintenance so you never forget to take a vehicle in for its annual inspections and maintenance appointments. By adhering to vehicle maintenance schedules you can prevent unnecessary downtime and wear and tear in the future.


2. Asset Tracking


The ability to track assets can improve efficiency and profitability. Knowing where your assets are at any given time can help you determine whether your construction company is using its resources efficiently.

In addition, having the ability to locate assets at any given time if they are lost or stolen eliminates the possibility that you will have to replace expensive equipment unnecessarily.


3. Safety Features


Are your drivers safe on the road? Silent Passenger’s safety features allow you to monitor the driver behavior of your entire fleet. By monitoring behavior, receiving real-time alerts, and tracking historical driver behavior data, you can develop the best training plan for your individual drivers.

Save time and money by making sure that your drivers are as safe on the road as they can be. The development of safe driving habits with the use of fleet driver safety training can prevent accidents and unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

Safe drivers prevent accidents, vehicle damage, and are beneficial to the well-being of the entire company by helping to maintain a good company image.


4. Routing


Do your drivers waste time between jobs? Making unnecessary stops, taking long lunch breaks, running errands on the job, and taking longer routes, could lower the overall productivity level of your construction fleet.

With Silent Passenger’s routing feature your dispatchers can use Google Maps technology to plan the fastest and most efficient route. Monitoring your driver’s behaviors and locations can increase the overall productivity of your fleet on a day to day basis.

Our fleet management software allows you to plan routes ahead of time, add stops throughout the day, and even optimize routes to save time and money.


5. Fuel Management


Do you know how much money your construction fleet spends on fuel? Are your drivers using their fuel cards to fill their personal vehicles? Is one driver using more fuel than the rest even though he traveled the same distance?

Take control of your fleet and fuel spending by monitoring when and where your drivers are refueling

A fuel management feature can help you save money on fuel by ensuring that fuel cards are only used for company vehicles during company hours.


6 Driver ID


The ability to monitor the behavior of the driver of each of your vehicles is so important for the overall well-being of your fleet. Each of your vehicles should be well maintained and taken care of to ensure that they have long lifespans.

Can you see who is driving each of your vehicles? Knowing who is using each of your vehicles is crucial to ensuring that your vehicles are receiving routine maintenance, not driving longer than necessary, and being driven safely.

Silent Passenger’s Driver ID function allows you to keep track of who is driving each vehicle. Drivers will use their individual key fob to essentially sign into their vehicle. This helps to keep a record of the driver of the vehicle and their hours of service. Improve driver accountability with fleet management software.


Silent Passenger Fleet Management Solutions


With fleet management software from Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you can prevent unauthorized use of equipment that could be a liability for the company, reduce the amount of money spent on fuel and mileage use, and prevent unnecessary use of equipment which could result in damage.


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