Did You Know: Asset Theft

Keeping track of your equipment, trailers and containers can be an essential practice for your business. Having your assets on several work sites could be hard to manage, and could be a reason why almost $1 billion worth of construction equipment goes missing each year. Here’s some key facts that you should know about asset tracking and what it can offer your business:

  1. The most common stolen pieces of construction equipment are wheeled and tracked loaders, skid steers and excavators. Anything that is easily portable is at risk of being stolen.
  2. The newer the equipment, the more at risk it is of being stolen. This might not be a huge surprise, but take this into consideration when you leave newer pieces of equipment unprotected.
  3. States with higher on-average construction activity are at a higher risk of asset theft. The months of May and June are popular times for construction assets to go missing.

Saving money and protecting assets is vital in the construction industry. Asset tracking devices are just one way to make sure that your business doesn’t become another sad statistic.

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