Globalstar Satellite Network For Asset Tracking

For a variety of reasons, many companies find themselves in a specialized business position where conventional cellular coverage doesn’t provide the comprehensive coverage they require. Whether it’s regular visits to rural areas with little or no cellular coverage or doing business outside of the borders of the United States, many businesses require a more robust monitoring and tracking solution; which is why VTS has introduced SP Global.

Available Uses & Benefits

  • Check run-time on engine powered equipment to support maintenance schedules, as well as fault monitoring
  • Track location of expensive job site equipment for management and billing purposes
  • Tank liquid – level monitoring using external sensors connected to the serial interface
  • Geo-fencing capability and reduced messaging keeps track of equipment at the lowest possible costs.
  • Track run-time on engine powered equipment – schedule maintenance, manage utilization and billing
  • Theft Recovery Mode for easy location of the asset when necessary


Bulldozers, Excavators, Skid Steers, Road Building Equipment & Mining Equipment

Backhoes, Bulldozers, Excavators and other pieces of Heavy Equipment represent a substantial financial investment, and getting the most value from that investment demands consistent attention. Several of these valuable assets are continually on job-sites, going back to the equipment yard only for maintenance, or in between projects. Because of this, a number of them tend to be “out of sight” for a great deal of their operating lives.

Silent Passenger's SP Global delivers the capability for an Equipment Manager to always monitor where these assets are operating, keep track of their use, and supply information to guide the constant maintenance process regardless of where they happen to be.

Silent Passenger's SP Global provides worldwide networking by way of Globalstar's advanced satellite network. We provide location and sensor data for integration into your back-office and customer-facing applications. This allows you to monitor each and every asset on a single screen.

Silent Passenger's SP Global delivers worldwide networking via our (LEO) satellite constellation. We deliver position and sensor data to our VAR Partners for integration into their back-office and customer-facing applications. This allows the end-user customer to track all of their assets on a single screen.


Semi Trailers, Shipping Containers, Converter Gear & Container Chassis

Many in the transportation industry experience a problem when their vehicles leave an area with solid cellular coverage or cross a national border their trucks “disappear” from their previous mapping systems. Regardless of promises, cellular roaming agreements often do not perform as well as promoted, resulting in a loss of reporting with cellular-based monitoring systems. By utilizing satellite-based devices, transportation companies can be assured of being given reports on asset location even past the boundaries of cellular. You will never be “in the dark” concerning the location of your valuable assets again with Silent Passenger's SP Global feature!

Fuel Industry & Bulk Liquid Transporters

Generator/Compressor Packages, Fracturing Fluids Tank Trailers, Drilling Mud Pumps, Life Boats, Intermediate Bulk Containers, 20’ Bulk Liquid Containers & Stainless Chemical Tanks

SP Global supports tracking and management of powered equipment used in petroleum industry field operations. Integrating tracking data into Silent Passenger and back-office application will allow you to provide your end-user customer with a comprehensive global tracking solution.


Tractors, Trailers; Combines; Irrigation Pumps; Fertilizer & Chemical Tanks

Farm equipment represents a huge capital investment for farms of all sizes. Keeping track of equipment can be a difficult job, since it is typically distributed throughout the acreage being farmed. This leads to acquisition of more equipment than necessary and low utilization rates. In addition, since equipment oftentimes is not returned to a central “yard” at the end of a day, it is subject to being lost or stolen.

Separately, there are a number of processes that run continuously in a farming operation, for example, irrigation. Our equipment can connect to external sensors and provide updates as necessary for water level, pressure, and flow rates.

Return on Investment icon

R.O.I., Let Us Show You the Return on Investment

With its myriad of reporting capabilities and the many bottom line benefits Silent Passenger® fleet management software brings to your fleet, the software can pay for itself many times over. Specific examples of return on investment include: reductions in fuel consumption; safer driving; greater workforce productivity along with reductions in overtime pay to drivers; more efficient dispatching; enhanced customer service; and elimination of unauthorized use of vehicles as well as unauthorized stops and side jobs.